Drillmaster Marching Band Shoe


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Drillmasters Marching Band Shoes will effortlessly teach any student to march “Corpse Style” Instantly!


Effortlessly teach any level student to march “corps style.” Instantly! Automatically guides the stride into a liquid-smooth “roll-step.”

The Rolled Heel™ is so effective that it has been patented only available from Drillmasters. This one of a kind marching shoe design has been improving scores for over 30 years. The ROLLED-HEEL™ guides the foot through the step. It acts like a golf swing training machine that lets you repeat the correct swing over and over until it is memorized and becomes habit. Golfers “groove their swing.” The ROLLED-HEEL™ “grooves” the students’ step.

Patented SPAT NOTCH™

Keeps the spat elastic strap from pavement contact so that your spats NEVER wear out and NEVER slip.

Super-Grip Sole

Outperforms every other shoe in the wet conditions and improves safety and boosts marching performance in adverse surface conditions.

Self-Locking Lace System

Ingenious eyelet array keeps laces always tied, tight with tech-derived from expensive athletic footwear.
Mens 3-16 Half Sizes 3.5 – 10.5 Wide 11-16
Women’s: 5-18 Half Sizes 5.5 – 12.5 Wide 13-16

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