Frequently Asked Questions

How to get more information about products?

Bandman’s has a dedicated staff of experts ready to assist you at any point in your search.  If you have a question about a product please call 1.800.323.3770

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

That depends on the item.  Most InStock Items ship within 24 hours of ordering.

Many Items may take longer including but not limited to:

  • Printed flags
  • Custom Uniforms
  • Cut & Sewn Flags
  • Vista Banners
Do I need an account to place an order?

No, however if you do create an account you can save your cart for a later date and also better keep track of your orders and access to exclusive offers from Bandmans

Who should I to contact if I have any queries?

for any and all questions related to your program’s needs please call 1.800.323.3770 or email

Shipping Rates

If ordering standard items, you will pay only one shipping and handling charge that is based on the total value of your order per the chart below.

There are some items which require additional shipping or handling charges due to their size or weight, including flagpoles, plume cases, racks/podiums, hat boxes, and headgear.  If you have any questions please call 1.800.323.3700 and speak with your sales representative today.

$0 – 10.00                     $8.75
$10.01 – $24.99            $14.75
$25.00 – $49.99           $21.60
$50.00 – $74.99           $28.90
$75.00 – $99.99           $35.00
$100.00 – $49.99         $41.90
$150.00 – $199.99        $46.75
$200.00 – $279.99       $55.00
$280.00 – $399.99       $64.90
$400.00 – $499.99       $75.70
$500.00 – $599.99        $84.75
$600.00 – $699.99        $98.60
$700.00 – $799.99        $119.60
$800.00 – $899.99        $129.60
$900.00 – $999.99        $167.00

Any Order  Over $1000.00, a custom shipping quote will be determined… a sales representative will be in touch with you.

Shipping and Delivery

Stock merchandise will ship the same day if the order is placed before 3 P.M. (CST) Delivery of custom merchandise varies according to time of year. Please order early and call in for current production time to avoid disapointment

Items that may require additional production and delivery times include: if you have a rush please call 1.800.323.3770 to discuss options.

flags, uniforms, vista banners and podiums.

Our shipping methods include FedEx, UPS, USPS and Freight.

Special delivery and rush shipping are available upon request

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We accept Credit Card payments on the Bandmans website.

To send a purchase order, please first create the order on the website and select Send Purchase Order in the payment options.  a sales representative will follow up with you.

If you have any questions please speak with a sales representative at Bandmans today 1.800.323.3770


Occasional errors occur in printing and web design, or raw material prices increase.  We cannot honor incorrect pricing.  If we receive an order with incorrect pricing of more than 15% we will notify you before processing the order.

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